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Our company has established "multi-layer ceramic package housing development and production line", with advanced electronic packaging design means and automatic

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The shell of optical communication device has metal wall-ceramic insulator structure, and it can provide device with electrical signal transmission channel and optical coupling interface, as well as mechanical support and air tightness protection, solving the problem in mutual connection of chip and external circuit; 50Ohm characteristic impedance transfer connector can be installed, and it is applied to 2.5, 10, 25Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps transmission rate. The product includes series of 14-lead butterfly shell, shell of 10-100Gbps transmission TOSA, shell of 10Gbps/100Gbps transmission receiver, shell of Mini-Pin structure, shell of Mini-Dil structure, shell of large-power laser, and it is used for the packaging of various photoelectric transmitting and receiving device, optical switch and large-power laser. It is used for broadband access, transmission network, data communication and CATV. 

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