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Our company has established "multi-layer ceramic package housing development and production line", with advanced electronic packaging design means and automatic

shell production equipment, strong technical force



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The purpose of automatic water discharge system is to replace manual water discharge operation; after the water level reaches the alarm level, automatic water drainage can be realized without manual operation. The series product is applicable to both positive pressure system and negative pressure system. The product includes water collecting cup, heater, double level sensor, automatic drain valve, filter shield, etc. 

Main technical conditions: 

Applicable electrical environment: 24V(16V~32V) 

Drainage time: Double level sensor alarm and drainage 

Drainage method: Perform water drainage by depending on gravity of water 

Duration time of drainage: 15s 

Water discharge amount: 40ml~50ml 

Average flow rate: About 3ml/s 

Starting temperature: 1℃~80℃ 

Storage temperature: -40℃~120℃ 

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