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Our company has established "multi-layer ceramic package housing development and production line", with advanced electronic packaging design means and automatic

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The integrated heating sensor is used to solve the problem in diesel oil ropiness, wax precipitation and blockage of oil line under low temperature condition; it is featured by high heating efficiency, energy conservation and stable performance, and intelligent temperature control is realized. It plays important role in improving the diesel oil flowability, optimizing atomizing quality, protecting engine and saving fuel oil. 


Technical parameters of heater 

Starting/break-off temperature of heater: 2±3℃/15±3℃ 

When the flow is 60L/h, oil temperature is -23℃ and voltage is 13.5V, the heater will provide the power of 200W±10% if jet fuel Jet A-1 flows for 200s in filter. 

Maximum current: 25A@12V 

Nominal voltage: 12V DC 

Range of working voltage: 8~16V DC 

Instantaneous voltage: (1min) 26V 

PTC maximum surface temperature: The surface temperature is 145℃ when 12V. 


Technical parameter of water level sensor 

Range of working voltage: 8~16V DC 

Nominal voltage: 12V DC 

Working environment temperature: -40℃~120℃ 

Test medium: Air, diesel oil and oil-water mixture 

Alarm indicator lamp: 12V/1.2W or 24V/2W 

Output high level: Voh>8.2V (test water and disconnection fault) 

Output low level: Vol<0.2V (test fuel oil or air) 

Quiescent working current: Imax≤15mA 

Power-on self-inspection time: 2.5s±20% 

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